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"AM: AM World Group; What you need to know about AMWorld Group; You're Fired!  Said Vitruvian MAN; fires AMW Group, what you need to know about AMW"."  

This video is the actual account, and what the back end of what AMW Group is really all about.  This is the actual platform, their ♟️ clients use to see what's going on with your account.  Many AMW clients want their money back, and trying to find out who is getting the money is really hard to see. And when you ask for phone calls, they ignore you. 

Many clients won't tell you they got ripped off, and when you look at the communication, between AMW and us. You will see most of the time they don't read. And when you quest these churn and burn operators. 

You will see they really don't give a fck about you, or your music, it's all about the front end promises, and their long bullshit stories and actions. 

For over 20 years AMW Group or AM World Group. Whoever they are. We are going to find out. 

To Cristina Punzalan, (#cristinapunzalan) and Laurel Daggers and The worse and final person we had to deal with at AMWorld Group, Amber Curtis. And by the way #ambercurtis. You're writing about in this video is sad. Especially your week argument about SEO; and AMW 20 years of experience. And better than anyone in the world. Once you get your Cheddar! ($5,000).

Your off to another retail wanna be mega star. And the lesson we learned helped structure the best Public Relation Firms. Conversation in regard, to Google Organic Search results.



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Thank you - Vitruvian MAN Circus of a Lifetime see; 

Gp7a Attorneys helping individuals, families , and businesses since 2007. See; 

Laurel Daggers wrote about a frequently asked question.  What Can I expect with this - AMW Group? What about the Email exchange between ex-Client Vitruvian MAN and the Blog Battle by Laurel Daggers? All we wanted was to speak to someone. About our account, because they don’t care about What can I expect. And we really don’t care, how they treated everyone else as clients.

At this point; @amwgrp to @amwgroup. and Music Video Release Review. Knowing about the future of #applemusicvitruvianman, #circusofalifetime, #youtubemusiccircuaofalifetime, #youtubemusiccaviar and #youtubemusicbadboibadgurl. What are Google+ Truth Algorithms?

Do you know what a local Data Protection Authority is? Just because the experts, who have reached peak Learning, and have done nothing to catch up to the new digital times. When MB Holdings, first decided to go with AMW Group. #amwgrp

Their (AMW GROUP) Website with all Amwgrp accolades, and their claims of being in business for 20+ years. And in the footer of AM World Group website; Copyright says 1997 – 2020. Based on this information; we felt we would be insulting. To asks for references. Or other proof of being in business for 20+ years. And when you Google Search AMW Group 1997

Amber Curtis: Amber Curtis with AMW Group. Amber scolded me. That Our investors, and 3rd party should have done research. AMW has 20 years of experience. Well, Amber, you made me do my research. And found that amworldgroup.com was create on Domain Information:

Name: AMWORLDGROUP.COM - Registry Domain ID: 1931958610_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN - clientUpdateProhibited -


Dates: Registry Expiration: 2025-05-24 11:36:30 UTCCreated: 2015-05-24 11:36:30 UTC

Analysis by Vitruvian MAN Node Connection MB Holdings Artists Music Label ex client of AMW Group. - #Artist #Music #video

In the digital world of Domain Registration. The stated created  date and time is the Oficial date this company started on the internet.The only references that 1997 AM World Group is the last few years of social medai a directories listing them as being in Businnes since 1997. 

AMW Group 1997 Click on this TruthLink Now!

Do you know what Hashing  story is? Or archiving stories to make it look like AMW Group or AMW have been in business longer, than since 2015. This is the fake and bias our industry wants to see headed to the Black Hat Abyss. And all those Internet Companies like; Crunchbase.com, Odwyerpr.com, Linkedin.com, Medium.com, Pr.com, Agencyspotter.com, Zoominfo.com, Toppragency.com, Adforum.com, Mynewsdesk.com, m.yelp.com, Agencycompile.com, Manta.com, Localdirectoryus.com, Glassdoor.com, Pitchline.com, Lensa.com, Benzinga.com, the list goes on, and on. They all have posting by and about AMW Group being in business since 1997.

We shall digress. Do you know what Hashing a story is? Or archiving stories? That’s when AMW Group post blogs, or videos that have been produced before the created date of a domain name. In this case amworldgroup.com creation date of May 24, 2015.

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*As of today, April 1, 2020: MB Holdings, was able to regain $2,500 from March 1st Payment. Just to edn this order to loe our account and not them charge our credit card. We had no choice. They would not call us back. Before we contcated our Credit Card Finiacial intsitution. They were there when we needed help. - MB Holdings Artist Music Label 

MB Holdings Artists Music Label - GP7A Attorneys Directory - AMW Group Fired

AMW : About AMW Group About Lucy Cates. Lucy Cates talks about Building a Person Brand with AMW Group and #keetria, and #keetriagarnerchambers, and #laureldaggers, #ambercurtis, #cristinapunzalan and or "Cristina Punzalan" Emails Marcus Giavanni with more bullshit! #amwgroup and Lucy Cates a Beautiful Model, Actor, and a Pawn for AMW in our opinion.