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Family Law and Litigation

The Founder Marcus Giavanni has dedicated the last 8 years (2007) fighting  for the custondy of his 3 children. And exposing the "Habitual Offenders of Filing False Domoest Chagres"  for the out come of taking children away from father forever!

Divorce Law and Litigation

Nothing in life is more important than family, and few things are more taxing than a breakdown in the family. At GP7A Attorneys Directory, we pay particularly close attention to your needs and have your best interests at heart.

Sposal and Child Support

If ordered by the court. You must adhere to ALL COURT ORDERS. Regardless, if you thinks it's fair or your ex is out to get you. This is another purpose to our directory, to find attorneys who will accept our Pro Bono cases. To which the directory will pay for legal services, after passing the requirements. (Listed Soon)


The facts for all Parents' with children:

1. Children Deserve Both Parents

2. 50/50 Custody

3. Holidays start with mom, then every second year, you

4. Mom gets her birthday, and mother’s day, and Father gets, his Birthday and father’s day

5. Mom gets birthday with kids. Always! (Did you give birth?) Unless written agreement or court order

6. Mom and Dad: include your parents in the order, save money from them having to retain an attorney (check applicable laws

7. Be honest with All Financials being submitted in court. The court knows everything, the courts always, finds out. Don’t add this charge to your stupidity. You could lose everything and go to jail.

8. Don’t use your children as pawns. They are watching, and they know everything! Mom and Dad, don’t look like fools to your children, their friends and your neighbors.

9. Remember, if you act it you’ll be it. Mom and Dad act like your friends with the ex. Pretending will lead into great friendship. Something you probably did not have before you got married???

10. No new Loves, keep them in the closet, take time to rebuild you and your children’s lives. It’s not about you anymore, and our final judgment, will be that of how we raised our children. After, our children have free will, just as God ordered!

This is a simple guide line to go by, this is not leagl; advice, and there is no garuntee anything you try will keep you ex in your life. Just rememebr, it's about your children. Now go mack a sand box with your children and share the Love with family, frineds and the world.


Second Circuit Court

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Supreme Court Weighs In

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Asked & Answered

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Words just can't express how much I appreciated the way Marcus Giavanni and  GP7A Attorneys Directory handled my case. I literally thought I was lost, but you came along and helped me piece my life and family back together. Thank you for the referral

Tracy Z

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