Former Penfield Tate III: Penfield Tate 4 Mayor Tate Attorney - Former Penfield Tate III Penfield Tate 4 Mayor Tate Attorney

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Penfield Tate III: Penfield Tate for Denver - @tatefordenver - - “Attorney Penfield Tate for Denver is an “Outdated Politician" who thinks he (Tate) can “Shuck and Jive” his way to become the “Next Mayor of Denver”. And Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says No Way Tate” and thanks for bankrolling “Marcus Giavanni for Denver Mayor Campaign”.”


@MGiavanni contacted "Kutak Rock Law Firm" by plcing a phone to "Penfield Tate Atorney with "Kutak Rock Law Firm. Does Former Senator Penfield Tate III. Know Attorney Penfield Tate Attorney did not treat potential client "Marcu Giavanni" about many issues.

“Penfield Tate, told Marcus Giavanni, to send him, Tate. An Email and be specific. Should Penfield Tate for Mayor quit the race? Does Kutak Rock Law Firm have a handle on what their attorneys can do, and not do. And scum bagging potential clients for their own benefit; or political power?”.” Does attorney Penfield Tate Attorney know what he has done to his career, and to the law firm he represents”.”

 Does #KutakRock, really know what #tatefordenver is up to? Did you know about #twitter, and @denverteachers. What is @KutakRock going to say to @mgiavanni. Who is “Jamie Giellis” #jamie4denver trying to “Bullshi”, and what about “Lisa Calderon” for “#lisa4denver”.

All these Candidates can do is Talk and pretend they can do the things they claim they can do. But they should have built it years ago. To face Marcus Giavanni as the “Next Mayor of Denver 2019”.

Penfiled Tate told MarShould Penfield Tate 4 Mayor quit the race? Kutak Rock Law Firm attorney Penfield Tate Attorney, #KutakRock, #tate4denver, #twitter, @denverteachers, @KutakRock, #mgiavanni, @jamie4denver, #lisa4denver.


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