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Who Will Be The Next Denver Mayor 2019: Denver Votrs will be the Next Mayor of Denver - Electing Their Iron Fist - Vox Populi - El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido

Tate for Denver: Penfield Tate Denver Mayor 2019 - @tatefordenver - #denver -#tatefordenver - Attorney Government Takeover - Denver Voters Say No Way 2003

Penfield Tate III - Penfield Tate - - Outdated Politician made the announcement he is throwing in his hat for “Who will be the Next Mayor of Denver 2019”. And  those media friends who think Wow Tate II is going to raise lots of Money. Let’s get Tate II some earned Media. Let’s use some of the other candidates keywords, and platform ideas. To show him (Tate III), we have the power to make or brake candidates. We will show him, we tell voters who to vote for, for they are no smart enough to think for themselves, and those voters who can think for themselves. Either think their votes don’t count. Or, they know the Kleptocrats, and those who are out for themselves. And they don’t vote. This old school political tricks will not get Tate III elected, just as it did not get him elected in 2003.

Hey Penfield, I am Denver’s Huckleberry. And I don’t need money, and I don’t quit, and I am no Parrot, like you Penfield Tate. Thanks for bankrolling my campaign, and my platform. We saw what it did to Kayvan Khalatbari. – Marcus Giavanni, Citizens candidate since 2011. No money, no likes, no followers. And in 2015, if I was allowed to speak. I would have brought down your filthy house of card

The Dems built, lots deception, shell games, financial schemes, and their boots are on necks of the citizen of Denver. Denver Voters are not scared any more, and they know nonpartisan vs partisan elections. And they sure the hell are not going to tell you who they are. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. And if all else fails, bring in the feds. For they are watching you dumbs asses, destroy Denver’s sovereignty, and democracy. While putting local law enforcement, and the citizens they have sworn to protect and serve in jeopardy.

Denver voters are sick and tired of being sick and tired of being used as pawns. and taking Denver to a 10-year record high of violent crimes, murders, home invasions, car theft, gun theft. And our schools filled with Kleptocrats administrators. Not just in the DPS, but the entire city government. And on Tuesday, May 7, 2018. When All Denver Voters take back control of the city and county of Denver’s Government.

Thes voters will use the Iron Fist, to brake the house of cards, that the Democrat party had built since 1963.  The departments in Denver administrators and supervisors  will all be replaced by the person who does all their work for them. And gets no credit, no money, and work furloughs. So those who rule, make sure the get their money, their perks, and the big parties. And tell everyone else “Denver is Good”.

Stop It! That’s Weird!  - People For A More Pragmatic Government